Free Hand Sanitizer

We safely disinfect & deliver completely free 60mL spray bottles of 80% ethanol liquid hand sanitizer, to high-need individuals in the Ottawa area.


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Who do we consider high need?

People with weakened immune systems

People with medical conditions (e.g., heart disease, lung disease, cancer, diabetes)

Older adults

Frontline healthcare professionals

First responders

Personal support workers

Delivery drivers and couriers

Grocery and restaurant staff

All other essential workers who interact with any of the above


Jay from OttawaScene has been very generously donating all labels for all our bottles. Soon to be more than 10,000 bottles. Incredibly impressive quality labels!

North of 7 Distillery

We can’t do any of this without a very large quantity of hand sanitizer. The North of 7 distillery stepped up and got us what we needed. We have purchased more than 700 Litres from this distillery. And they have donated hundreds of bottles on top of that! 

$ 33,496.84

Current Balance:
$ 3,302.62

Upcoming Purchases:

$3542.55 – 3,000 spray bottles + caps
$2475.00 – Enough hand sanitizer to fill 3,000 bottles

$ 30,194.22

How You Can Get Involved

Make a Donation

Any donation you can spare will go directly towards the purchase of more hand sanitizer, bottles, and gas for thousands of deliveries. 

Preferred Method:
E-transfer Auto-deposit is enabled.

Alternative Method:
If you can’t do an e-transfer, you can also donate via PayPal!


Become a Volunteer Driver

WE NOW HAVE MORE THAN 20 DRIVERS! Currently, we are able to keep up with the demand, and we do not need new drivers. THANK YOU SO MUCH! 

Bottle Drive

We always need more bottles! Small glass or plastic bottles with spray tops are best. 

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How do we do this?

Jordan purchases hundreds of licensed, 500mL bottles of hand sanitizer from the North of 7 distillery. He then purchases thousands of 60mL spray bottles from a bottle supplier. Then thousands of bottle labels are printed by OttawaScene. The work commences, labelling, filling, capping and sorting thousands of bottles every month. They are placed in boxes of 100-200 each and then sent to Dale to be distributed among 25 drivers on demand. Our online web application allows drivers to self-assign deliveries instantly after they are assigned a bottle count by our moderators. It is working like clockwork!


How to apply for a bottle

  1. Fill out the form.
  2. We decide whether you’re high need. Supplies are limited, and we’re reserving bottles for the people who are most vulnerable.
  3. You receive an automated email when your delivery is assigned to a driver and when it is completed.
  4. We thoroughly disinfect your bottle upon delivery. The last thing to touch your bottle is a disinfecting wipe or alcohol spray.
  5. If you live in a house, we leave your bottle in your mailbox or outside your front door. If you live in a multi-unit building, we call or text you to come outside to receive your bottle.
  6. Use in conjunction with frequent hand washing.
  7. Stay safe and spread a little kindness!

In Memory of My Brother, Paul Harding 1980-2018

Before my brother Paul Harding passed away suddenly, on December 5, 2018,  I had the opportunity to spend the last few days of his life with him. During this time, he said, “I just want to leave a positive impact on the world.”

This is for you big brother.
~ Jordan Harding

Management Team

Jordan Harding

Jordan Harding

Founder/Managing Partner

Jordan founded He is a web application developer. After securing sources for an unlimited supply of hand sanitizer and 60mL spray bottles, he built a web application to manage thousands of orders and deliveries, we are now delivering hundreds of bottles every day. Jordan owes his focus to his late brother, who tragically died in December of 2018. His brother “just wanted to leave a positive impact on the world”

Dale Hammond

Dale Hammond

Operations Director/Managing Partner

Dale Hammond is a managing partner and oversees all the operations of our vast delivery network. We could not keep up with the demand without Dale! Dale is Jordan’s oldest friend in Ottawa. Together, they are undeniably, an unstoppable force when it comes to doing good for the community.

Common  Questions

How do you make your sanitizer?

We don’t make it! We purchase it in licensed, 500mL bottles from the North of 7 Distillery on St. Laurent in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. We have bought more $13,000 worth so far! 

What is the recipe for your sanitizer?

It’s not “our” sanitizer. We purchase our sanitizer in 500mL bottles  from the North of 7 Distillery in Ottawa. They follow the WHO guidelines. We DO NOT recommend making it yourself.

Where can I find a lot of sanitizer?

If you need a larger quantity, we recommend contacting the distillery we buy our sanitizer from, The North of 7 Distillery.

Where do you find your bottles?

Our plastic spray bottles are purchased from WTFLab Inc.. Tell Scott Jordan sent you! Great guy!

What if I'm outside ottawa?

Unfortunately, we are only able to provide free bottles of hand sanitizer to recipients within Ottawa. If you aren’t sure what that means, please take a look at this map.

Can I start doing this in my city?

Sure you can! Apply for a license from Health Canada and go from there!

I need A LOT of bottles! Can you help?

We are currently able to provide up to 100 bottles to organizations that serve the people we’re trying to reach.

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Please enter the name associated with your email & phone number.

Our system will automatically email you when your order is assigned to a driver and when your delivery is complete. Please enter a valid email to ensure you will be able to retrieve your order as soon as possible.

Please enter a valid phone number in case we need to contact you if any issues arrive.

Socks donated by The Sock Project (click to open in new window)
“Helping the world of auto-immune and chronic illness one pair of socks at a time”.

Limit of one order per household. If you need multiple bottles, please specify the exact number and provide a reason why.

Pickup is no longer available since you need to stay home! 🙂

Please do not enter a business address. We do most of our deliveries in the evenings since we're a network of volunteer drivers. If you must use a business address, please include the open hours of the business in the additional information section so our drivers can know when it's open.

Please include any other information that will be helpful when delivering.

Please note: We can not enter buildings under any circumstance, we can't risk touching anything that we haven't completely disinfected ourselves. We want to be able to keep doing this throughout the entire duration of this pandemic, not touching any surfaces and keeping a distance of at least 10 feet will ensure that we can keep going. Please be ready to come down to obtain your bottle if you live in a multi-unit building. Thank you for your understanding, stay safe!