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We have a 10 bottle maximum but please only request what you truly need. If you need a lot of bottles please see our notice regarding bulk orders.

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Limit of one order per household. If you need multiple bottles, please specify the exact number and provide a reason why.

Pickup is no longer available since you need to stay home! 🙂

Please do not enter a business address. We do most of our deliveries in the evenings since we're a network of volunteer drivers. If you must use a business address, please include the open hours of the business in the additional information section so our drivers can know when it's open.

Please include any other information that will be helpful when delivering.

Please note: We can not enter buildings under any circumstance, we can't risk touching anything that we haven't completely disinfected ourselves. We want to be able to keep doing this throughout the entire duration of this pandemic, not touching any surfaces and keeping a distance of at least 10 feet will ensure that we can keep going. Please be ready to come down to obtain your bottle if you live in a multi-unit building. Thank you for your understanding, stay safe!


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