Common  Questions

How do you make your sanitizer?

We don’t make it! We purchase it in licensed, 500mL bottles from the North of 7 Distillery on St. Laurent in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

What is the recipe?

It’s not “our” sanitizer. We purchase our sanitizer in 500mL bottles  from the North of 7 Distillery in Ottawa. They follow the WHO guidelines. We DO NOT recommend making it yourself.


If you need a larger quantity, we recommend contacting the distillery we buy our sanitizer from, The North of 7 Distillery.

Where do you find your bottles?

Our plastic spray bottles are purchased from WTFLab Inc.. Tell Scott Jordan sent you! Great guy!

How did you make your statistics dashboard?

Our founder Jordan Harding is a web application developer with 25+ years experience. The dashboard is a custom web application that queries our live database.

What if I'm outside ottawa?

Unfortunately, we are only able to provide free bottles of hand sanitizer to recipients within Ottawa. If you aren’t sure what that means, please take a look at this map.

Can I start doing this in my city?

Sure you can! Apply for a license from Health Canada and go from there!

I'm representing an organization, can you help?

We are currently able to provide up to 100 bottles to organizations that serve the people we’re trying to reach.

How do the drivers get the bottles?

After the bottles are labelled, filled and capped they’re all sent to Dale. Our web application allows drivers to self-assign orders which counts how many bottles they need. They can click a button to request a pick-up time which also notifes Dale of how many bottles to box up for which drivers. 

Is the ethanol in your hand sanitizer safe?

The ethanol in our hand sanitizer is food-grade ethanol and 100% safe. We were adamant about choosing a supplier that had a high quality, good feeling, sprayable & safe product.