~ If you need more than 10 bottles ~


HandSan.ca does not sell hand sanitizer. We purchase it in bulk, package it into convenient spray bottles, and deliver individual bottles directly to people in need. We have packaged and delivered more than 15,000 bottles since March 15th.

Our goal at HandSan.ca is to safely delivery free spray bottles of high quality hand sanitizer to people unable to acquire hand sanitizer themselves. 

If you need a large amount of hand sanitizer or bottles. You are now able to acquire them the same way we do. Here is where to buy them:

Hand Sanitizer

To obtain liquid hand sanitizer with 80% food-grade ethanol, visit the North of 7 Distillery www.northof7distillery.ca at 1733 St Laurent Blvd any day between 12-3pm. There you can purchase the same hand sanitizer that we use in our bottles. They are currently selling high quality, licensed hand sanitizer in 500mL refill bottles or 3.8ltr jugs Other local distilleries are also offering similar products. We are not affiliated with North of 7 Distillery. They have simply been our supplier since day one.

Spray Bottles

If you need spray bottles for the hand sanitizer, please order some from the same place we order ours from: www.wtflab.ca They are based in Ottawa at 1724 Bank Street. They offer pick-up and delivery, and they have tens of thousands of spray bottles in stock.

Thank you for your understanding!